Coach Development Program

Coach Development Program

Become a (better) Coach
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Coach Development Program

    Do you want to coach people to the next level? At a gym like CrossFit Leiden, Gymbox Noordwijk or somewhere else? Maybe you are already a coach and you want to significantly improve your coaching skills? Well...this Course is for you!

    Our aim is to create and develop coaches that want to make the people of Leiden, Noordwijk and all surrounding areas move better and live life to their full potential. Our coaching values and training philosophy are catered towards people of all fitness levels, from those that are limited in life by pain & injuries to those that are aiming at a better performance.

    The Coach Development Program kicks off with this weekend seminar and can continue with the Coach Development Program Mentorship for those that want to continue their education and maybe even coach at CrossFit Leiden or Gymbox Noordwijk.

    Coach Course Costs non-members: 399,- euro
    Coach Course Costs Members: 199,- euro

    Coach Development Course Dates: The weekend of 7 & 8 March from 08:30 - 17:00. The Saturday will be hosted by CrossFit Leiden and the Sunday by Gymbox Noordwijk.

    Requirements: An understanding of the movements performed in weightlifting, functional fitness, and basic gymnastics. Possession of any fitness certification is NOT required.
    Before the kick-off of the seminar, you will get access to our pre-seminar online prep course.

    What do you get? A weekend seminar that brings your coaching to the next level. The weekend will combine lectures with interactive sessions, movement practice and many tools to help you coach your clients.
    Before the start of the weekend you get access to our pre-seminar online course and after completing the weekend more in-depth modules in the online course will be available to continue your education.

    Lunch: We will provide lunch on both days.

    Course Leaders:
    Nick Walen - Headcoach CrossFit Leiden
    Jeroen van der Most van Spijk - Senior Coach CrossFit Leiden
    Jari Jansen - Senior Coach CrossFit Leiden

    Hiring Process:
    The completion of the course might lead to becoming a coach at CrossFit Leiden and/or Gymbox Noordwijk, but it will not be a guarantee.

    Those that want to coach at CrossFit Leiden and/or Gymbox Noordwijk will have to follow up the this Coach Development Program Weekend with the Coach Development Program Mentorship. The mentorship is an 8-week program in which you will have weekly learning goals, weekly training sessions, weekly shadowing sessions and more.

    Topics discussed during the weekend:

    Internal Torque & External Torque
    Breathe work
    Movement Patterns: Core/Hinge/Push/Pull/Squat/Carries
    Mobility vs. FLexibility
    Tension over Position
    what is Intensity?
    Injury Prevention, how to fix it and how to deal with it during classes.
    What is a coach?
    Group Coaching

    CrossFit Leiden
    7 March 2020 8:30  - 8 March 2020 5:00
    199,- (members) /299,- (non members)

    our suggestions

    7 March 2020 12:30

    Pose Running

    CrossFit Leiden
    become a better runner
    14 March 2020 9:00  - 13 June 2020 2:00

    Team Games

    CrossFit Leiden
    an all fitness level team competition
    18 June 2020 12:00  - 21 June 2020 12:00

    Alps Trip

    CrossFit Leiden
    push your limits