March 20, 2020

Working from home

In amongst all the confusion at the moment, it seems that ‘social distancing’ is something we all need to implement and companies are either forcing or recommending that we work from home. If you are tracking your nutrition (which you are!) ,this can be both a blessing and a curse.

At first, it may seem that having more flexibility of when and what to eat would be a benefit to your progress, the very real down-side is that without structure and discipline you can easily find yourself doing laps of the kitchen floor, opening the fridge and searching the same cupboards over and over again! ( I am very experienced in this!).

So as we retreat into our homes I wanted to share some of my top tips that will allow you to have macros left for dinner (presuming that you were able to buy food for those macros!).


  1. Control your environment: make any of your tempting foods as hard to access as possible. Put them in the freezer, garage, super high shelf …..Just basically OUT OF SIGHT. We have all heard the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – it’s true!
  2. Create a work-space: have a specific area in your home where you just do ‘work’. So when you step into that zone, your brain starts to focus and get creative! Make this space a ‘food free zone’ so that ‘meal times’, remain ‘meal times’.
  3. Eat without distractions: I am terrible at this but it’s so important! If you are working on your own, it often feels like a nice reward to put on the TV or YOUTUBE when eating lunch. The problem with this, is that it takes you away from realizing and enjoying what you are doing – which is eating your lunch and makes you much less likely to feel satisfied. If you want some noise try some chilled background music.
  4. Beat the boredom: much of our desire to snack at home comes from boredom and not having the distraction of being around other people. Set yourself mini- goals, like when you get a certain piece of work done you are allowed to go for a walk, or have coffee/ tea, or scroll through instagram for 15 minutes (be careful with this one!). It’s possible to build a really nice flow of tasks and chill, that make you super productive!
  5. Drink: Keep your water bottle next to your computer, when you need a break, make herbal tea or keep a supply of low calorie soft drinks hidden so that if you are really struggling,the change of taste will snap you out of it.
  6. Volume foods: chop up celery, cucumber, courgettes and any other high volume low calorie foods you can think of and keep them at eye level in the fridge. So when you find yourself making circles, your snack won’t ruin your macros!

Let me know any other great strategies you come up with over the next few weeks! Annie x