January 26, 2020

Healthy Habits Challenge

** sign-up through the workshop menu of the CFLEIDEN APP**

Sunday, February 9th at 11:00 we are going to kick off an 8-week healthy habit challenge.

We’ve already got 42 peeps signed up. Let’s try to make this 100!

The best way to improve your nutrition and become the person you want to be is by changing your habits.

Annie will be flying over to lead this seminar and guide all of you through this period of habit creation.

Kick-off Seminar outline:

  • 09:30 pre-workshop run (weather depending)
  • 11:00 start of kick-off with group energizer & introduction
  • 11:15 what are habits? How can we set habits to support our goals?
  • 11:45 what are macro’s and why should I care?
  • 12:00 macro’s plate challenge
  • 12:15 take-aways and homework


During the 8 weeks we will have a group track and a private track.

  • Group track
    • includes kick-off seminar with hands-on knowledge to get you started with defining where you are now and where you need to go.
    • an online workshop to continue your healthy habit journey and use the knowledge from the kick-off and the data gathered after that to better define what you need to do to get better.
    • nutrition and healthy habit tips & tricks
    • weekly habit challenges with the group
    • weekly recipes that you can use
    • the option of doing 3 body measurements throughout the 8 weeks (start, mid and end)
  • Private Track
    • The best way to help you get where you need to go is to make your nutrition as personalized as possible.
    • As you might have experience training with a coach gets you more ahead than training on your own in a regular gym.
    • In the private track, you will get hands-on coaching from coach Annie.