Why CrossFit?

CrossFit is a Great Workout

The main reason CrossFit is a great workout is because it provides you with a total body workout that will get you in the best shape of your life. It is designed to make you not specialise in anything, but to be good in everything. If you want to be the world’s fastest marathon runner or the world’s strongest man then CrossFit isn’t for you. But if you want to be a very fast runner, a very strong person and have many other useful physical skills then CrossFit is right for you. The use of anaerobic workouts improves your anaerobic fitness and aerobic fitness. If you only do aerobic workouts like long, slow runs then you are only improving your aerobic fitness in addition to losing muscle. Anaerobic workouts are the best way to lose fat as well because you will keep burning fat long after you are done working out. The results speak for themselves, talk to anyone who has been doing CrossFit for a while and they will attest to the effectiveness of these types of workouts. I am not going to tell you a bunch of scientific facts, although they are out there, I am talking about real people who are getting great results.

CrossFit is for Everyone

I’m too old to do CrossFit right? I’m not in good shape so I can’t do CrossFit right? WRONG!!! CrossFit is for everybody because every workout can be tailored to the individual. If you aren’t in great shape the workouts can be made easier for you by lowering the number of reps, the amount of weight, the duration of the workout or the length of runs, among many more. If you have an injury, exercises can be substituted to accommodate your injury while keeping your progress moving forward and rehabilitating your injury. If you can’t do a pushup then you can do them them leaning against a wall or a box. This is just an example to scale a workout, but there are endless other scaling options. On the flip side, if you are already in great shape then the workouts can be made harder by increasing the weight, number of reps or even by having you wear a weight vest while doing the workout.

CrossFit is Fun

We at CrossFit Leiden are big fans of small group workouts. There are so many reasons why CrossFit is fun. There are trainers present who are motivating you to push yourself harder than you thought you could while keeping an eye on quality movement. There is music playing to keep you excited during the workout. You become friends with other members who attend the same classes, you cheer each other on during the workouts. There are also a lot of other activities outside of the normal workouts at the box. Some examples are team workouts, events, seminars and much more. You will become part of a tight community when you are a member of our CrossFit box and it is a great feeling. Because CrossFit is constantly varied you never get bored, that’s different from doing the same workout every time you go to a ‘normal’ gym. Also, since the workouts are high intensity you don’t get bored from doing a slow, long workout. You are in and out in an hour or less.


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