Kees HouwaartCoach

    Kees Houwaart, co-owner and coach, lives and breathes fitness. He grew up in one of the first and well know gyms in the area of Leiden, which he eventually became the owner of. He now runs several successful business in the Fitness industry which include Crossfit aan Zee and CrossFit Leiden.

    Most of his adult life he’s been chasing fitness. As a tool to loose weight at 17 years old this gradually transformed into becoming as strong and fit as his body would allowed him to. But motivation started lacking after a while and he ended up in a routine of working out just to stop his body from gaining weight again.

    In 2013 he came first into contact with CrossFit and he was sold immediately. Motivation was stronger than ever before and it helped him to be athletic in many more areas than he would train previously. His growing love for this sport moved him to opening the first CrossFit box in Noordwijk in 2014.

    He loves building a community and seeing its members grow mentally and physically. The loves it so much that he created a team that would bring the CrossFit community to Leiden.


    Kees is an avid weightlifter combined with a massive engine. He will teach you anything you want about the Olympic Lifts, but don’t try to beat him on the rower!

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