Jeroen van der Most van SpijkCoach

    Jeroen van der Most van Spijk, infamous for the beard and the name, is co-owner and coach at CrossFit Leiden. While training for his jiu-jitsu black belt exam back in 2008 he googled for functional better ways to improve his fitness. At the time he was using running and regular bench press workouts as means to support his jiu-jitsu, but didn’t like the results. Google led him to CrossFit and there he was, doing WODS in the regular gym, as probably one of the first guys in the Netherlands.

    When CrossFit aan Zee finally started near his home town in 2014,  his passion for CrossFit could really light his inner fire. He developed into an example within the community and as a great asset due to his knowledge in multiple fields. His hunger for knowledge never stops as he continuously develops his skills as an athlete and a coach.

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