Jeroen van DuijnCoach

    Jeroen van Duijn is Co-Owner and Coach at CrossFit Leiden. As a child, Jeroen’s passion for physical activity and desire for sport led him to delve into the worlds of any different sports such as soccer, tennis, speeds skating, skiing, surfing and kite surfing. It was CrossFit that opened the door to movements in 2013 when he attempted his first WOD “ANGIE” at home. After working out at CrossFit Bink36 for several months, in 2014 he joined the new box “Crossfit Aan Zee” which was opened near his doorsteps by Kees Houwaart.

    The next two years CrossFit became a lifestyle as it opened doors to new experiences, movements, knowledge, results and a community of people that are working side by side, day after day, to improve themselves and the ones around them.
    In 2015 he started coaching at CrossFit aan ZeeĀ and started dreaming of opening his own box. A dream that came true in 2016 when he became part of the team that founded CrossFit Leiden.

    School is never over for Jeroen as he is chasing knowledge surrounding health and fitness every single day. His current interest lies most in his development of Gymnastic skills and being able to teach people how to regain the movement they’ve lost in their adult life.


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