2018 CrossFit Leiden Intramural Open

Jeroen van Duijn

** Sign-Up Forms will be waiting for you in the box **

** Everyone can and should join! **

** you have to read everything from a – z below before you ask any questions 🙂 **


If one year ago you were a member of CrossFit Leiden, then you will definitely remember the Intramural Open!

The Intramural open consist of 5 weeks of 5 events full of awesomeness and fun! This year it will start Feb 25 and end March 23.

So what is this Intramural open?

The Intramural Open is designed to get everybody involved and keep the spirit high over the course of the 5 weeks Open. The open is CrossFit.com biggest yearly event (read more about it here). At CrossFit Leiden we just give it an extra fun twist!
For those of you that were still doubting or were thinking that the Open was something you shouldn’t do, it now definitely is for our whole community!

Nice! But how does this Intramural Open work?

Here is a description of how this event will run.

  1. You can sign yourself up using the sign-up form that is waiting for you at our bar inside the box. You are not obligated to sign up at the games.crossfit.com.
    BUT if you want to compare yourself with the country, Europe, and the world in all different ways or you want to qualify for the regionals, then signing up at games.crossfit.com is something you want to do.

    • Please note that when you are officially signed up for the open you also need to be judged by someone that has done the judging course. This is your own responsibility.
  2. Team Captains for three CrossFit Leiden Intramural teams have been selected and will have an (online) team draft meeting on Tuesday February 6 in which we will divide the sign-ups over the 3 teams.
    • The team captains will create a name for their team.
    • All members that have signed up until then will be randomly added to the three teams.
    • The team captains are allowed to choose 2 friends (per team) from the sign-ups.
  3. Those members that did not sign-up for the intramural are open for recruitment after the draft meeting!
    • The team captains can recruit everyone to their team. The recruited person needs to write a note on a piece of paper with the text “My name is [name recruit] and I’m joining team [name team].
    • All members who already know they are joining the intramural but wait till after the draft meeting will be labeled as “LAME”. Please don’t be lame :).
  4. The teams choose a color and logo for their team before the 12th of February. The logo will be printed on the t-shirt that each participant will receive.

Event Calendar (more details below)

18.1 Sunday February 25 10:00 – 13:00
18.2 Friday March 2 18:00 – 21:00
18.3 Friday March 9 18:00 – 21:00
18.4 Friday March 16 18:00 – 21:00
18.5 Friday March 23 18:00 – 21:00


Team Captains

We found an awesome group of captains from our community!

Team 1 – Wouter & Barbara

Team 2 – Zuzanne, Sander & Amanda

Team 3 – Esther, Maaike & Nicky


Earning Team Points

Teams members will then participate in the CrossFit Open and have an opportunity to earn points for their Intramural Open team in a number of ways. They are as follows.

  1. (+1) Each team member that completes an Open WOD during our Thank God It’s Friday Open.
  2. (+1) The top three male and female Rx/Scaled scores for each week will earn an additional point for their team total.
  3.  (+5) The team that has the best outfit for the (bi)weekly theme (think 80’s, western etc. ). Details to be released later.
  4. (+5) The team that has the best weekly social media coverage with @crossfitleiden #crossfitleiden (You need these 2 tags, otherwise we cannot measure it). Details to be released later.
  5. (+5) Special bonus points, details to be released later on during the Open.


Thank God It’s Friday Open!

Every Friday between 6PM and 9PM (except the first event, see schedule above) we will have a community throwdown in which everyone that is available that night will do the open workout. Each week we will have a different theme! Our team of captains will communicate with the team what times they are available and will set up the heats for that night. Each heat will have multiple athletes doing the workout and for every athlete one judge. You don’t have to be available the whole night, but it might be much more fun if you are!  We encourage you to bring friends and family to watch this event. They can have a beer and a snack while supporting your team that night.

You don’t have to do the workout on Friday night, but it will result in less points for your team.  You can also do the workout on Saturday and Sunday during our regular hours on our Personal Training floor. Only 2 persons can do the workout at the same time and you need a judge to validate your scores. You will have to notify your team captain before Friday that you are not able to do the workout on Friday night. Our team captains will also organize the planning for those that are doing the workout in the weekends. You are not allowed to do the workouts on Monday, we need time to validate all the scores.

At the end of the Open the team with the highest points total will earn all the bragging rights and will be awarded cool prizes.  We are going to work on the details of this event as it goes and hopefully we can have some other fun things to do or give out as extras for those who participate.



To join the Intramural Open we ask you to pay 30 euros. This covers the T-shirt, extra food and drinks, and some additional material we probably will have to buy.


Weekly Timeline

Monday: we will announce the weekly theme (think 80’s, western etc. )
Thursdays (night): 
CrossFit Games Open WOD is released at 2 AM our time (Thursday to Friday night).
Fridays: All regular classes for Friday night have been canceled. From 6 to 9 PM we will have our
“Thank God it is Friday Open” event!” You will have to tell your team captains before Friday if you can be a part of this event and they will create the heats for this night.
Saturdays: Wods as regular but members can do the CrossFit open workout in our personal training area. Your captains need to know about this as they will make sure that only 2 members will be doing the WOD at the same time.  You need a judge to validate your score and your captains need to be informed of the score.
Sundays: Wods as regular but members can do the CrossFit open workout in our personal training area. Your captains need to know about this as they will make sure that only 2 members will be doing the WOD at the same time. You need a judge to validate your score and your captains need to be informed of the score.
Monday: Regular class schedule. Deadline for workout score submission. (Be sure to leave us time to validate your score!!!!!). You cannot do the workout anymore on Monday!! The captains should have all scores which will be shared with our coaching team. Scores of members that have registered on games.crossfit.com need to be uploaded by our coaching staff on Monday night. A total ranking for the workout will be created.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate in the Intramural Open?

Everyone! The Intramurals are just a fun addition to the Open. You become part of a team and it defnitely does not matter if you’re going scaled or prescribed. The only important thing is that you show up, ready to participate, have fun, and cheer on your team!

Do I have to register for the Open at games.crossfit.com?

No, you don’t have to. But in that case you cannot compare yourself with the other 300.000+ athletes and you cannot qualify for the regionals.

I don’t get it, do we do 5 team wods?

No. Please take the time to read everything again. You are still doing the WODs as an individual, but you are just having way more fun while doing them!

What if I cannot perform the movement in the scaled division?

If you cannot perform the movement and need to scale accordingly then you can still perform the workout. You can still do the workout and you can still get points for your team!
You will however not be able to receive points for the top 3 in the scaled and rx division and you will not be able to upload the scores to games.crossfit.com.

What if I cannot be part of the event all 5 weeks?

As much as we like you to be a part of this event every week, we still understand that life happens! We ask you to join the event at least 3 out of 5 times.

Why no regular classes on Friday night?

This is a once in the year event. We expect many members to join this event and need the space and hours to accommodate this. The open is a big tradition within the global CrossFit community. It is an event that brought this beautiful methodology closer to your home! As you might have experienced the community aspect is something that most members really appreciate and keeps them coming to the gym. It is something that helps them to get the results. We need events like this to increase the community feel!