Overcoming your teenage thigh gap trauma

Jeroen van Duijn

If you’re a woman who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, you might still experience mild PTSD when you think about the thigh gap.

Like when you look back to your teenage years—to the unfortunate period of time when you would have done anything to be so thin that your legs didn’t rub together as you walked. Back then, thigh gap was the ultimate indicator that you were finally skinny enough—that you were attractive enough. Attractive enough for what? You weren’t sure. You just knew thigh gap was the pinnacle of beauty.

As unlikely as your goal sometimes seemed, there was always that one skinny bitch in your class with the three-inch thigh gap—the envy of all the other girls—to remind you that thigh gap might indeed be possible.

So you tried eating less, and sometimes not at all, and you spent hours on the elliptical each week hoping to generate even a little gap between your legs. Then you’d go home and stand in front of the mirror and grow immediate discouraged when your inner thighs still touched. Sigh…

What a horrible way to live, right?

Hopefully, by now you no longer want a thigh gap. Hopefully, by now you genuinely believe strong legs with real muscles are actually more attractive than the breakable, weak twigs you once craved.

More importantly, hopefully, the next generation—your daughter—never lives in a world where she is even familiar with the term thigh gap, let alone a world where she becomes obsessed with achieving it like you were when you were a teenager.

If you’re still working on overcoming your own thigh gap issues, or are worried your daughter is starting to go down that unenviable and unhealthy path, here is a solution that we have seen work for dozens of female clients over the years:



We’re a community that promotes, actively works to achieve, celebrates and whole-heartedly embraces big, strong, muscular legs on both men and women. A community that genuinely doesn’t see thigh gap as very attractive at all, and that devotes itself tirelessly to eliminate it from our clients’ lives if and when it does rear its ugly head from time to time because we know it means frailty and weakness.

Although this article “CrossFit Girls are Getting Big. We’re OK with it. And we have men to thank for it,” is sure to offend some of you as it did when it was first published last year, read it, think about it and then imagine how much more confident your teenage years would have been had you known thigh gap wasn’t something to envy, and had you known there are men out there who weren’t searching for a skinny bitch (if you were indeed a female teenager who sought male attention but weren’t confident enough to do anything about it).

The point is, when you train with us, your perspective of beauty will change, and you will become healthier, fitter and happier because of it. And there will not be a gap between your thighs.


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