Our New Fundamental Course

Jeroen van Duijn

As few of you might have noticed, we’ve made some changes in the way people start their CrossFit journey at Crossfit Leiden.
We would like to explain to you the steps we are taking into professionalizing our CrossFit Gym and the reasons we are doing this for.
We basically want people to start CrossFit the way Greg Glassman intented it.

Our new Fundamental Course: Personal Coaching
New members without significant CrossFit Experience, meaning a clear understanding of the foundational movements and knowing their 5rm/3rm/1rms and scaling options, are introduced to CrossFit Leiden with an 1-on-1 (one coach, one athlete) or 1-on-2 (one coach/ two athletes) intake/introduction session. In this session we define their goals, their mobility, their strength and their conditioning level. We get to know the potential members and explain them the methodology behind CrossFit and how and why this will help them in reaching their goals. Based on this information we define the number of fundamental sessions we need to go through with them before they enter the group classes. These sessions are preferably 1-on-1 but in some cases can be 1-on-2 as well. On average we go through about 10 sessions.
Currently we have 8 people in this fundamental course.

MadLab Group
We are part of the Madlab Group (madlabgroup.com). A group of about 150 CrossFit Affiliates around the world that want to professionalize the CrossFit Industry. The founder of this group is within the inner circle of the CrossFit founder Greg Glassman and he is basically taking us back to the way CrossFit was supposed to be. This group not only advises us in the best practices for CrossFit but also gives us access to a coach development program that helps us to keep improving the quality of our coaching. The success stories of these Madlab members are a real inspiration to us!

Why are we doing this?

Ultimately we are doing this for you, our CrossFit community! Beginners need a lot of coaching, especially the first few months. We don’t want to do this at a cost of our more experienced members. And we have come to the conclusion that the best way to prepare people for the group classes is by personal coaching.

Improved experience for our current member base
The functional movements we do are hard, that’s why most people are avoiding them in the regular gym, and people need to be properly coached before they do these movements with high intensity. Especially in the beginning of your CrossFit journey, you need a lot of coaching. If we want our current group to get better and see the results they want to see then we cannot have people coming into class with just a little bit of understanding of the deadlift, squat and presses. This was okay when most of our members just started CrossFit.  But now more than 60% of our members are getting really familiar with these movements and having >10 members join each month without this familiarization results in classes in which our coaches need to focus most of their time on the beginners and the more experienced are left alone, which results in less quality classes and a lack of results for you. You see this too often in the current CrossFit industry. This is not what we want for you, we want to get you to your goals by offering the highest quality in CrossFit group training.

Improved experience for our new members
We see less chance of injury and better results if we guide people to a level in which they understand and can perform all foundation movements and know a proper scaling for all the movements. It is our experience that the best way to get people ready for our group sessions is by personal coaching.  Everyone is on a different level and therefore the number of fundamental sessions it takes to get them to a level in which they can comfortably join a group classes differs as well! We are now guiding new members trough a detailed fundamental course in which we teach them about lifestyle, nutrition and training. This makes their initial investment in their fitness and health priceless!
Especially in the beginning of your CrossFit journey a series of 10 private fundamental sessions can help you get a head start of 10 months of solely CrossFit Group training.

Personal Coaching for our current members

We acknowledge that in our current member base there are also those that gain by adding a few private training sessions to their training routine. We have a small group of members doing this already and they have clearly seen the results of these.
If you want to have some additional private training sessions to work on your squat, clean, push up, snatch, handstand etc. you can contact us at welcome@crossfitleiden.com. Please share with us what areas you would like to focus on.


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