Foudsouldiers CrossFit Leiden Take Away Meals!

Jeroen van Duijn

To get the mocrossfit-leiden-pyramidst out of your CrossFit journey it is important that you are eating the right kind of food.
Our bodies need to be supplied with macro and micro nutrients that will be the building blocks to a healthier and more stronger body!
If you are eating terrible, you are going to get terrible results. It is as simple as that. Without getting to complicated, eat meat and vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds, little starch and no sugar.

We know most of you are living a busy life. Squeezing in both a healthy meal and a workout can be really challenging!
That’s why we offer you the possibility to take home a healthy meal after your workout!

From the 5th of December CrossFit leiden and are working together to give you access to healthy take away CrossFit meals! These meals will be waiting for you in the FoudSouldiers Fridge at our bar!

Foudsouldi12821624_961515303929722_8881481799289967826_ners Crossfit Meals

The meals will be about 500 gram of nurturing food! 200-250 gram will be either fish, meat or a vegetarian alternative. You can choose! This protein will make sure that your body can keep building those muscles you have been wrecking during the workout.
The remaining part of the meal will consists out of veggies and some kind of carbohydrate like rice, sweet potatoes, couscous etc.

How does it work?

You can choose a meal for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdsay and Thursday. Delivery at our box will be Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon. This means you can order for Monday and Tuesday and take it all home with you on Monday. Same for Wednesday and Thursday.
This also means that if you are training on Tuesday morning that you can still take back home a meal (the monday or the tuesday one, or both!)

The meals will be waiting for you in our fridge!


When do i need to order?

Every weekend you can order your meals for the new week. Orders need to be in Sunday night 00:00.

How do i need to order?

You nescreenshot_20161204-160012ed to order by using this form –> Order Form
In the CF Leiden app there is a button in the menu that links to this form as well!

What meals can i choose?

You can choose between fish, meat (most of the time chicken, sometimes red meat) and vegetarian. We don’t know the exact content of the meals until they arrive at our box. This is a surprise factor and exposes you to some foods you might usually not eat!

How do I pay?

We add the payment of the meals to your monthly membership payment. For those that are founding fathers and paid in advance make sure that you have money in your account or that you add your IBAN details. Contact if you need help.
Fish/Meat = 10.50 euro
Vega = 9,50 euro

Please note that you cannot cancel the meals once ordered! There is no refund for whatever reason. Once ordered means you have to pay for the meal.

Foodsouldiers?, located in Wassenaar, want’s to help people to reach their health goals by eating healthy foods. They offer take away meals and daily meal plans. They opened their doors in 2016 and have been noticed since then by many people in the area.
Read more about them at

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