Welcome to CrossFit Leiden!

Jeroen van Duijn

The idea of a box in the beautiful city of Leiden started back in September 2015. For weeks we’ve searched for the best location and building and we were very excited when we found this unit at the Roosevelstraat 49C. Unfortunately it took us almost 4 months to get an official “GO” from the Leiden municipality. But we are very happy with the results and we believe this box and this city is a perfect place to grow a community of movers!

CrossFit Leiden opened its doors to the public on Monday the 11th of April after a month of intensive preparations and  building. There wasn’t much working out for us…
The 11th of april is when we started our week of trial WODs and we had around 80 people coming over for their first CrossFit Leiden workout! Most of them signed up for our Fundamental Course which started in our 2nd week and are ending this week.

But all of this is just the beginning of, we believe, something beautiful. Something that needs hard work from us and from our community. Our dream is to evolve CrossFit Leiden into a community in which its members are going home with a smile each time they leave our box. A community in which its members are chasing their goals and are achieving the results they dreamed of. Both with the support of our coaches but also with the support of the community. A community in which its members respect each other and know each others names. We don’t just want to be a gym where people feel they need to spend an hour or two before they can do other fun stuff. We want to be that gym where people spend quality time, because all our time is precious and needs to be spend that way. We are the community where quality is more important than quantity and where people actually get real results and have fun working for it! It doesn’t matter if you just want to shred a few pounds or you are aiming to be an elite CrossFitter!


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