CrossFit Leiden Class Registration App & Beyond The Whiteboard App

Jeroen van Duijn


This week we released our CrossFit Leiden Android and Apple application. You can use this app to schedule your classes, private training and to buy memberships. The login details are the same as for our website.

A few important notes about the class registrations:

  • You can sign up for a class 7 days in advance.
  • Classes are available for sign up up to 2 hours before class time.
  • You can cancel the class up to 30 minutes before class time.
  • If a class is full you can join the waiting list and you will be prompted when a spot opened up.



We will also giver our members access to the the Beyond the Whiteboard app. This app is about logging, planning & analyzing your CrossFit Journey.  Everyday you will be able to see what workout we are going to do and you can log the results of the workout. You can compare your results with results in the past or with other CrossFit Leiden Members.
It is important to know where you are and where you are coming from to define where you need to go to reach your goals. CrossFit Leiden is going to use this data to give you the best programming possible and support you in your CrossFit journey.

Android download
Apple download
Browser version

Login details
We will send our member their account details asap. We will use the same e-mail as our class registration system.

Testing period
For this system to succeed in supporting the CrossFit journey of our community we need our members to use the app. The coming months will be a test and if we like what we see then we will continue using it.

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